The FatCow Plan $3.15/mo (free domain included)
The Original Fatcow Plan for just $49/yr (free domain included)
WP Starter $3.75/mo

Best Web Hosting With FatCow

FatCow is one of the most popular affordable hosting providers for individuals and small Since 1998, the company has worked hard to cultivate a client-friendly reputation and has gone through a great deal to make Fatcow the best web hosting plan it fit in their customers’ needs as perfectly as possible. And if you don’t like it, there’s a money back guarantee, and you can cancel anytime.

It is no surprise that FatCow web hosting consistently appears among the lists of top ten best hosting companies throughout the web.

They have 2 powerful data centers based in Massachusetts. These data centers house over eight hundred servers.

FatCow features on shared hosting plan known as the original fatcow. This plan offers the usual slew of unlimited features such as: BANDWIDTH, EMAIL ACCOUNTS, DISK SPACE, FTP ACCOUNTS AND SUB-USERS, DOMAINS.

Take note that this is a promotional price. The price goes down the longer the term you choose.

You Get Powerful Features And It’s Easy To Use

Here are some of the other features that go with the original FatCow best web hosting plan:

Use of their basic site builder free of charge

The point-and-click builder can be used by people who have absolutely no training in website development. It offers themes and professional-looking templates that you can use as the base for your website.

BEST Web Hosting

Support for mysql databases and php 5

If you want to use PHP 5 scripting or mySQL for creating your website’s database, you can be sure that the hosting plan fully supports them.

Green hosting

FatCow web hosting uses wind energy to power their data centers. This is one reason why the company is so popular to people who wish not to harm the environment further with their computer use.

Use of installation wizards

You will definitely need to use applications in order to make and keep your website running. With the FatCow plan, you only need to click on a few buttons and the blogging, photo software, and many other applications will be installed for you.

Use of selling and online store tools

If you wish to sell your products online, FatCow web hosting has a variety of tools that can make creating and running an online store easier than running a physical store. You can add shopping carts, create catalogs, use sales or coupon options, and even integrate a paypal payment option.

Regular reports about your website’s visibility

If you are a webmaster who wishes to establish a solid presence on the web, it is a must for you to see your stats. FatCow offers this integrated service with the original plan.

How Does FatCow Web Hosting Maintain Reliability?

FatCow web hosting performs server backups daily. This, coupled with the company’s load-balanced connection platform and a system of backup generators ensure that their clients receive multi-gigabit and uninterrupted connections. Their crew is on hand to monitor the systems so that any issue can be addressed as soon as it arises.

Customer & Technical support

FatCow’s support engineers are available to help you 24/7 via chat, phone and email. If you’re more the DIY type, they maintain a helpful library of tutorials and how-tos. FatCow web hosting swears by their “heifercratic oath”. This means that their support crew is answers customer calls in two minutes or less. Additionally, the oath entails that the company stick to a deadline when it comes to addressing any problem.

My Personal Experience Using FatCow Web Hosting (IN DEPTH REVIEW)

I have been using FatCow hosting service since I first came to know about their company more nearly 10 years ago.

I said “time to time” because I keep trying lots of new hosts and many different plans all the time for reviewing purpose, which means I am not a regular on any of these hosts, no matter how satisfied I am with their services.

Coming back to FatCow web hosting. It was the name and the mascot that caught my attention at first. It’s their hosting service that managed to retain me as a client for so long.

The reason for such a non-technical name is to make it less technical, and more customer friendly. They think instead of trying to impress the customers with lots of technical gibberish they should keep it simple. They focus on providing the customers what they really need i.e. a world class hosting service at reasonable prices.

But, are they succeeding at that?

Well, looking at the number of clients and the sites hosted at their servers, they are doing a pretty good job. But I’ve decided to analyze FatCow web hosting while keeping in mind the basic considerations for choosing a web host.


FatCow web hosting claims that they are focusing on delivering the best value and customer service experience to small businesses. And they are quite right.

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