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Basic $0.99/mo (with free domain)
WordPress Managed:
Basic, $0.99/mo (with free domain)
Plus, $4.99/mo (with free domain)
Unlimited, $8.99/mo  (with free domain)

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Positive Cons Reviews on 1 and 1 Web Hosting Solution

Satisfied 1 and 1 web hosting solution customers are few and far between. Ironically, the number one feature satisfied customers praise is support. Interestingly, one customer commented that after reading a number of negative reviews about cancellation and billing issues, he noticed that they all seemed to have been written by the same person … food for thought.Happy users also like these features:

  • Customized control panel which is “much better” than the “complicated” industry-standard cPanel.
  • The cheapest VPS on the market.
  • Fast reliable uptime.
  • Nice free trial offer.
  • No upselling or marketing gimmicks.
  • Value for money Shared hosting.

Reliability & Uptime

1 and 1 web hosting solution has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, with credit proportional to the amount of downtime during a month applied to future 1 and 1 services. The burden of proof falls on you to show when and how much downtime was incurred.

There is a list of downtime causes that are exempt. Most customers give favorable reviews for uptime, but users who have usually complained refer to the time it takes to resolve the downtime as the central issue.

All shared hosting sites on 1 and 1 web hosting are stored in two separate data centers for geo-redundancy. Customers can make backups of their site using the control panel, or in the case of WordPress, through the 1 and 1 web hosting App Center. Webspace Recovery allows you to save up to six days of data by setting restore points. 1 and 1 web hosting has daily backups of its servers.

They have over 70,000 servers in seven data centers around the world, with the main U.S. server being in Lenexa, Kansas (with a mirrored location in Kansas City).

Multiple connection points, redundant power supplies, and diesel backup generators ensure reliability. Servers are monitored 24/7 by on-site staff to stay on top of issues, and fix problems as quickly as possible.

Features & Tools

Here is a list of features found at 1 and 1 web hosting solution.

Feature Overview
Control Panel 1 and 1 uses a proprietary control panel to access website info, data, billing information, manage domains, and more. It is not as robust as cPanel, and it takes more clicks to get the same tasks done. The VPS, Cloud, and Virtual server plans come with Plesk for administrative control
Disk Space1 and 1 1 and 1 has a plan sized for nearly every need.

Shared – The three shared plans have unlimited hard drive space.

VPS – Four plans range from 50 GB to 400 GB hard drives, with SSD optional.

Dedicated – 6 entry level plans range from 750 GB to 1.5 TB of hard drive space. Five high-performance plans range from 2 TB to 6 TB. SSD storage is optional for several of the plans.

Cloud – SSD storage from 30 GB to 500 GB depending on the plan.

Managed WordPress – Three plans – 50 GB SSD, 250 GB SSD, and unlimited SSD storage.

Bandwidth For shared hosting, the bandwidth is unlimited, and the managed WordPress, Cloud, Dedicated, and VPS plans allow for countless visitors.
Database Support All 1 and 1 hosting plans come with unlimited MySQL databases, except for the starter (Unlimited) shared plan which allows up to 20 databases.
Free Domain 1 and 1 plans feature one free domain registration for one year when the term is 12 months or longer when the domain is obtained from 1 and 1. The following years are charged the registration fee (which are on sale at the time of this article from .99 per year). Transferring a domain from another registrar is free, but the free domain for one year does not apply.
Multiple Domains Multiple domains are permitted – the specifics depend on the hosting obtained. Subdomains in the VPS plans are either unlimited or limited to 1000, with additional domains starting at .99 per year. Dedicated server plans have unlimited subdomains, with other domains an option. Shared hosting plans offer unlimited domains, and subdomains are unlimited for the top two plans while limited to 100 in the starter plan.
Data Backups 1 and 1 backs up its servers daily. WordPress backup can be done automatically when set up by the user through the 1 and 1 App Center. 1 and 1 Professional Backup can be used once for free; continued use requires a $29.99 per month fee. Backups can be done to the file or server level with unlimited backup space available. Dedicated and Cloud plans have an FTP-based backup available starting at $19.99 per month.
Website Builder1 and 1 1 and 1 offers several different website builder options for monthly fees. The 1 and 1 website advertises a free website builder, but it is a 30-day free trial of their paid builder apps. However, if you only need a few sites and can build them within the 30 days, it would be free.
One-Click App Installer Hundreds of applications, which are organized by category, can be installed with one click through the 1 and 1 App Center.
Email Accounts 1 and 1 plans have unlimited email accounts. Additionally, 1 and 1 has stand-alone email hosting options for monthly fees. The Business plan offers encrypted email and premium security features, and online document management.
Hosting Security 1 and 1 provides SSH and a shared SSL free of charge. SSL Certificates are available from 1 and 1, or you can install one from other SSL providers. 1 and 1 SiteLock Basic is free on all, but the starter plans (.99 per domain per month for the starter plans) and scans 25 pages per month. A more robust SiteLock Premium is offered at a $4.95 per domain per month fee. Proactive security is in place for DDoS protection.
Malware and SPAM Protection Basic SPAM filtering, with four levels from off to high, are available on 1 and 1 email accounts. SiteLock is either free or available for a monthly fee, depending on your plan, and whether you want Basic or Premium
Shopping Carts 3rd party shopping carts can be installed through the 1 and 1 App Center. WordPress sites can use any compatible shopping cart, including the popular WooCommerce. 1 and 1 offers its eCommerce website builder starting at $9.99 per month, which features template-based drag and drop design and mobile compatibility.
Programming Languages Support 1 and 1 supports the conventional programming languages that run on Linux and Windows, including PHP, Perl, Python, Javascript, C, and Ruby.
Site Statistics 1 and 1 has its SiteAnalytics package with a configurable dashboard that provides graphical statistics, including time and page impressions, visitor stats, search terms used, and more. Users can also install and use Google Analytics.
Additional Features and Tools 1 and 1 Online Store, a template based e-commerce builder with Facebook integration, is available for $9.99 per month. ListLocal, starting at $9.99 per month, puts your site in online directories, apps, and navigation systems. Search Engine Marketing will customize SEM campaigns for you (cost based on marketing budget).

A free Website Checker on the 1 and 1 site will check performance and user-friendliness of your site. 1 and 1 Website Builder, starting at .99 per month, provides templates and a drag-and-drop interface for easy website creation.

There are marketing promotions with ad credits of $50 to $75 with qualifying purchases. CDN (content delivery network), which serves up graphics and media from servers closest to your visitor’s location for faster page loading, is available for most plans.

Plans & Pricing


Shared Hosting

WordPress Hosting

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Servers

1 and 1 web hosting solution does not require contracts through features such as the free domain for a year are dependent on the purchase of 12 months (or higher) terms. 1 and 1 is known for its aggressive promotions so that prices will vary, but the prices below reflect what 1 and 1 offers at the time of this review for the first 12 months of hosting.

There are three shared hosting plans – Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Pro. All three offer unlimited storage and bandwidth and come with a free domain included for a year. The Plus and Pro plans have extra features such as unlimited databases, SiteLock Basic, and CDN. Pricing right now for the first year is .99 per month for Unlimited, $4.99 per month for Unlimited Plus, and $9.99 per month for Unlimited Pro. 1 and 1 recommends the Unlimited Plus, and it does offer the most for the money in the shared plans.

Dedicated Servers

For those needing dedicated servers, there are four plans offered, ranging in price from the first year from $34.99 per month for the Performance S plan to $104.99 per month for the highest level Performance XL plan. There is an option for SSD storage for an additional fee. The dedicated plans vary on the amount of RAM and Webspace provided, but they all have unlimited databases, email, and bandwidth.

There are three managed WordPress plans, ranging from $0.99 per month for the first 12 months to $9.99 the first year. The Basic comes with 50 GB of SSD storage; the Plus has 250 GB, and the Unlimited has unlimited SSD storage. They all come with one free domain and allow unlimited visitors.

Virtual server plans are Windows-based and start at $4.99 and go up to $29.99 a month for the first year, depending on the RAM and storage space requested. All the VPS plans allow for an unlimited number of visitors.

Cloud Server

The Cloud server plans for 1 and 1 web hosting solution are billed by the hour or by the month and can be increased up or down at any time. There is no minimum contract, and they provide 24/7 support, unlimited traffic, private IPs, load balancer, and SSD storage. The set storage plans range from $0.07 an hour (or $4.99 a month) to $4.86 an hour (or $349.99 a month). At the time of this article, all the plans come with one month free.

Customer Support

1 and 1 web hosting solution is one of the largest hosting companies in the world. But biggest doesn’t necessarily equate to best. For the most part, customers find the support to be on par with other budget hosting companies.

However, when customers complain about 1 and 1 web hosting support, they are extremely negative. The number of negative reviews can be partially attributed to the fact that 1 and 1 web hosting has so many more customers than other companies.

However, the sheer number of the complaints does raise a flag. Few complaint about response time but the time taken to solve the issue is the reported concern. They have phone and email available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Around the globe

1 and 1 has offices around the globe, and it is unclear where support is physically located though support personnel speak English. The U.S. based data center is located in Lenexa, Kansas.

You can contact 1 and 1 web hosting by phone at 866-991-2631 in the U.S. International customers can call 1-816-621-4797.

For email, you can use There are also links on the contact page for Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Live chat is available if you have MyWebsite through the MyWebsite main menu. There is a help center on the 1 and 1 site to answer many of your questions. 1 and 1 has a blog that has frequent posts. There is also a very basic status page for monitoring issues.

 Ease of Use

The control panel and 1 and 1 web hosting App Center interfaces are proprietary and not industry standard. In some ways, they make tasks easier, but for many, it means extra clicks and extensive searching to find what you need.

If you use 1 and 1 web hosting features such as MyWebsite, the paid Website Builder, or one of the many managed solutions, 1 and 1 is very easy to use.

The 1 and 1 web hosting website is huge but somewhat confusing to navigate. If you take your time (and use a search engine), you will be able to find just about any information you need about hosting on 1 and 1.


1 and 1 web hosting solution is a leader in budget hosting while offering scalability and plans that can grow with you as your needs grow.

1 and 1 web hosting is an excellent choice for the beginner due to its many trial offers, low prices, money-back guarantee, one-click app install, and many managed hosting options.

Keeping in mind that it is possible that there will be a trade-off in customer service for cheap pricing, the reliability, price, and feature list make 1 and 1 an excellent choice for the budget-minded and the small business owner.

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